With APCOA FLOW you can now park by using your smartphone. You can use our parking app at over 30 car parks across Austria without additional costs. Easily find car parks close-by, set the desired parking time, and extend it anytime and anywhere.

How it works

1. Download APCOA FLOW App

Download the app from the App Store or from Google Play.

2. Register

You only need your first name, last name, and a valid email address.

3. Book and pay

Add your vehicle and credit card, choose a car park, set the time, start and DONE!

Park smarter.
Fast and easy via smartphone.

Put the pay machine into your pocket and save time.

Who doesn't know this situation? You found the last parking bay on the other side of the car park and the pay machine for getting your ticket seems to be miles away. Not to forget the way back to your car. With APCOA FLOW you can skip the walkway and use the spare time for something better. Because now, you have all functionalities from the pay machine available on your smartphone.

Also, you can extend your parking time anytime and anywhere.

Download the app now

Download the APCOA FLOW app for free. The registration takes only a few minutes and then you are all set.

Find car parks

With APCOA FLOW you can easily find APCOA car parks close-by. Right now, you can use APCOA FLOW at more than 30 car parks with pay machines across Austria.

The respective car parks are marked with a green flag on the map. In all other blue marked car parks you can park as usually using a paper ticket.


APCOA FLOW is an app that is available for iOS and Android devices. APCOA FLOW makes parking for you easier: You can buy and extend your parking ticket digitally with the APCOA FLOW app in over 30 locations throughout Austria with parking ticket machines. And payment is convenient too, using the credit card you have saved in the app. In addition, with APCOA FLOW you always have an overview of car parks nearby.

You can register directly using the APCOA FLOW app free of charge.

All you need to register is a valid e-mail address. To then park and pay using the APCOA FLOW app, the number on the licence plate of your car is required, as well as a credit card (Mastercard, VISA).

Registering for APCOA FLOW is free of charge. Costs are only involved when you use APCOA FLOW to park your car. You just pay the parking charges you have incurred while your car is parked, calculated at the parking rate applicable each time.

We currently offer the APCOA FLOW Service in over 30 locations throughout Austria. If you look on the APCOA FLOW app and the APCOA FLOW home page, you’ll find an overview of all locations signed up to APCOA FLOW.

After you have selected and entered the parking time you require in your APCOA FLOW app, you will then be charged via the credit card saved in the app (Mastercard, VISA).

With the APCOA FLOW app you can easily extend the parking time of an active parking transaction using the "VERLÄNGERN" (= EXTEND) button wherever you may be. The additional parking charge is then debited from the credit card you saved in the app (Mastercard, VISA).

If you are a member of ÖAMTC or ARBÖ, you will be given a special promotional code by your motoring association which allows you to park in selected locations at a reduced rate.

You can save up to five different licence plates in the APCOA FLOW app and use them as required. Whenever parking your car, please check whether the right licence plate is selected for each transaction.

The app’s settings let you add a company profile and assign your parking transactions to a separate e-mail address and a separate credit card.

Set up a default profile to automatically assign your parking transactions to a specific e-mail address and credit card. You can change your default setting from your private profile to your company profile and back again at any time.

You can change your default profile in the app under "Einstellungen" (= Settings) under "Profil" (= Profile). Use the button "Als Standardprofil festlegen (= Set as default profile) to activate the relevant profile. The default profile is always selected at the start of a parking transaction – you can however change it before a transaction begins.

You have the option of adding other credit cards to your profile or via your settings under Profile Management at any time. You can for example add your company credit card to your company profile and your personal credit card to your private profile.

The payment method set as the default is automatically used to effect a parking transaction in all cases. You can however easily change it before the start of the parking transaction and use another credit card instead.

You will be sent a PDF account by e-mail whenever a parking transaction takes place. This contains details about the parking transaction, the sum paid and the payment method used for charging.

It is not possible to subsequently change your current profile once your parking transaction has already started or finished.

When booking passes in advance - especially weekly passes - the availability of a space can’t always be guaranteed.

To add a discount, choose your desired car park within the app and tap the "start to park" button to get to the booking screen. There, you see a field with "add discount code". Please, add your discount code there and it will be applied to the following parking session. The original price and the reduced price are shown in the booking screen before the session is started.

Discounts are currently only applicable for short-term parking sessions and not for passes.

Should you have other queries about APCOA FLOW, please contact Customer Service by e-mail: flowinfo[at]apcoa.at